Healthy skin tips for face and body, no products necessary

Our skin has many important roles it needs to do.

One way to practice self-care and skincare is to keep your entire body healthy and hydrated.

Limit sun exposure

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking forward to feeling warm sunlight on your face.

While you may be getting a serotonin boost, your skin is paying for it.

Even if a sunburn isn’t visible on your skin, you could be harboring skin damage underneath.

Photoaging can cause deep lines or dry, scaly patches called actinic keratoses.

It also contributes to wrinkles, age spots, loose skin, spider veins, and of course, skin cancer.

Using a natural sunscreen over your entire body, including a lightweight moisturizer with SPF on your face, is vital to keeping your skin healthy and youthful.

Stay hydrated:

Hydration from the inside out is key for your skin health.

Drinking water doesn’t directly correlate with skin hydration, i.e., for every cup of water you drink your skin won’t become X% more hydrated, but water is vital to keeping all of our organs healthy.

It can help to flush out toxins that cause inflammation and redness.

Need even more skin hydration?

We’ll help you find the perfect natural moisturizer for your skin type.

Cut out sugar:

There are so many reasons to cut sugar out of our diets… but that doesn’t make it any easier to do!

Eating too much sugar may cause a surge in insulin, which then triggers your skin to produce extra oil, and thus clogs your pores and causes acne.

It can also damage collagen fibers, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.

Wherever possible, try to cut sugar out of your diet.

Try swapping soda or sweet tea for sparkling water to boost your hydration while removing sugar from one area of your diet!

Take care of your gut:

Psoriasis and gut health has been linked in numerous studies.

When our gut microbiomes are healthy, inflammation and redness are much less frequent and much more manageable.

When our gut microbiomes are out of whack, it can manifest itself in many different ways, including your skin.

Try to eat lots of prebiotic foods such as leafy green vegetables as well as prebiotic foods like kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kimchi.

Probiotic skincare is also a growing way to harness the power of probiotics and keep our skin’s bacteria healthy!

Beware of excess sugar and stress which can alter our gut microbiomes and set us up for problematic skin.

Reduce stress:

I know, this is no easy feat, but evaluating unnecessary stressors and promptly cutting them out of your life is great for your mental and skin health.

The stress hormone cortisol can make psoriasis and other skincare conditions much more pronounced in addition to producing excess oil and causing dryness in other areas.

The best natural skincare tips focus not just on one organ, but your body as a whole so your skin spends less time compensating for stressors and more time looking fresh and healthy.

Stop smoking:

It’s something that everybody probably knows by now but it bears repeating, you are not doing your skin any favors by smoking.

If you need just one more reason to stop smoking, this is it!

Enjoy more facial massages:

Tired of our face looking dull and puffy? Treat yourself to a nice relaxing facial massage.

Lymphatic drainage massages remove old excess liquid from facial tissues to tighten and brighten the face.

You can use your hands plus a moisturizing serum for your massage or try out a gua sha or stone facial roller to target small areas.

Eat your antioxidants:

This one is fun.

In addition to being packed with fiber (prebiotics) dark leafy greens, many vegetables, berries, and other delicious fruits have tons of antioxidants that help to prevent free radical damage.

These ingredients can also help when used topically in natural face care products!

Try some supplements:

Collagen is key to having healthy, firm, and plump skin.

Collagen is often referred to as scaffolding for all the connective tissues in the human body, including the skin.

It’s a fibrous protein that “stacks” itself up so our skin can retain its shape and elasticity.

As we age, we produce less and less of it and the collagen in our bodies can become damaged.

That’s why it’s so important to get more collagen in our diets and in our skincare routines.

Other stellar skincare supplements are vitamin C and nicotinamide riboside (NR).

If your diet is insufficient, you can also get a pill or capsule form of antioxidants and probiotics.

Rest up:

Beauty sleep is no Disney fairytale invention, it’s powerful stuff.

When we sleep, our bodies regenerate new cells, heal, and rid our bodies of acne-causing cortisol.

Make sleep a priority in your daily routine and pamper yourself with a satin or silk pillowcase for even more anti-aging magic!

With that said, there’s only so much you can really do to protect your health and your skin in a day.

I’m sure we’d all love to eat only 100% organic vitamin-rich foods, forget the meaning of stress, and get a healthy 9+ hours of sleep a night, but if it were so easy we’d already be doing it!

A lot of people find joy and comfort in their skincare routines, using it as a way to escape day-to-day stressors and pamper your body.

No matter what budget you’re on, you can build an easy, natural skincare routine using homemade skincare recipes and specially formulated natural products.